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Hello friends!

We’re happy to share some exciting news: the Library’s exhibit, The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter, has been extended until September 7th! 

Please note that while the exhibition will be closed March 24th and 25th, lovers of children’s literature will be able to stop by the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 42nd Street for six more months! So if you haven’t seen this amazing collection of the world’s most beloved children’s books, you now have more time to! Bring a friend and stop by the exhibit soon! 


The great-great-great grandchildren of Dickens take a selfie with him on his 202nd birthday.

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I cannot 100% enjoy this because of the “the” in front of “Thesaurus Club” in the last line, but it still made me smile.

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High School teachers read mean Tweets

Moral of the story: Think before you tweet



hithertokt!  I can’t remember if you teach The Odyssey, but YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE.

So pumped for more Crash Course: Literature.  Yuuuuuuus.

So, hey there students of mine who I know are lurking out there.  Watch this and enjoy. 





Opening lines diagrammed

up is an adverb modifying grow 

Stoked to use these as prompts for improvs in theatre class.

This is beautiful.

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The big push in Common Core Learning Standards is more nonfiction. This mini lesson launched a nonfiction unit. The unit had second graders using resources in the classroom to create nonfiction mini-books. I was surprised to see how wonderfully the kids researched their topics. The books came out pretty amazing. I will display some of them tomorrow. I want my second grade students to understand the term “sources”. I hope that this lesson sticks…


Happy #Valentine’s Day! #snoopy #cute #love #peanuts ❤️

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